OCJP Collections Frameworks…

Currently studying Collections Frameworks in OCJP 6 course. I’ll be honest, some of it is tough going but the mist is starting to clear. I can see the power and usefulness of Sets, Lists and Maps, so I’m pretty excited about getting to grips with this material.

Regarding Job Prospects…

I’ve connected with some excellent IT recruitment agents from several agencies. I’ve received positive feedback in relation to my experience, qualifications  and this very website (go RobotBash.com!). I hope to meet a couple of agents face-to-face in December, with a view to arranging several interviews in December and January. I also hope to interview for some intern positions next month, fingers crossed. Things are looking good for 2013.

Extra Studies…

I’ve decided to take on a little extra study that I can do at my own pace at home. Two areas I’m going to explore further are Database and HTML 5.

mysql-logoWhy Database?

I picked Database because I’ve tippy-toed around mySQL for years but have never been brave enough to just dive in. Career-wise it’s a good move, SQL is not going away anytime soon. There’s lots of free educational materials for Database online, and Stanford University have an entire course (complete with videos and tests!) for free. I’m looking for some study buddies so check out https://www.coursera.org/course/db and give me a shout.

HTML5_LogoWhy HTML 5?

Well, I’m not starting with HTML 5 from scratch, but I want to go deeper into this technology. I’m going to try kill two birds with one stone, and study HTML 5 for both web, and Android apps development too. HTML 5 is hot right now, and it’s fast replacing ActionScript for web and game development. It’s got some amazing features like masking, support for video and lots of other cool stuff.

GameCraft Update:

Ah, bad news here I’m afraid. Unfortunately there were so many registered for the event that I could not secure a ticket. Not to worry, whispers in the wind say there will be another GameCraft in the new year. Gobal-Game-Jam-logoTo help recover from the disappointment I sponsored a web package including .com domain, web hosting and WordPress template site as a prize for the event.

I also set-up a local CoderJam group with some of my programmer classmates. We plan to make our ‘big splash’ in the community January 25th 2013 at host site Griffith College for the Global GameJam. Platform of choice? Unity with JavaScript… After that, we’re going to build some software projects together, so plenty to look forward to.