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Love Hate

Posted: 29th May 2013 by Peter in artwork
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Just wanted to upload a couple of images I did for work (two versions of the same image). So I guess the process is something I want to talk about, as it’s a style I’ve been developing of late. Once I’ve come up with a concept, I do a bit of online research and make […]

Digital Paintings…

Posted: 20th December 2011 by Peter in artwork
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Two very different themes in the pictures below. The top one is influenced by an artist known as Mr.–Jack, whom I very much admire. I wanted to get a grasp of his technique, and to do this I used a very similar subject to one of his images and tried to recreate certain elements. I […]

Some software artwork¬†(RGB, 72dpi) from when I worked in Havas Interactive. Artists were provided with a short description for each image and reference style guides. I would produce between 4 and 8 images a day depending on complexity.¬† All images were created with a mouse (no wacoms!) in PhotoShop. Images Related To Spanish Mythology: Images […]