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I made the short movie below when exploring Flash CS5 Bones tool. I found it interesting enough, but it still has many limitations that will no doubt be ironed out in future versions of Flash. [swfobj src=”” width=”610px” height=”343 px”]flash bones animation example[/swfobj] It would be nice to be able to create a bones applied […]

Animation From My Archives

Posted: 8th February 2012 by Peter in Animation

The following are a couple of Flash animated movies I did over the years for a project called Working Things Out, for the Mater Hospital. The budgets were¬† pretty small, and the deadlines were tight, as a result the animation is limited. However I like to think the direction helped to keep them interesting. They […]

New Animation

Posted: 20th January 2012 by Peter in Animation
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Here’s a couple of scenes I animated to show animation companies that I know my stuff. I mixed the sound track myself with ‘fruity loops’ sound collection, edited in SoundFordge and Vegas. Animation done with Flash. I did upload a YouTube version of this but the compression took away from the line quality so decided […]

Auld Ones 1 and 2 was broadcast on RTE Network 2, with both series run several times. Here’s some samples of Auld Ones: Auld Ones Clips Auld Ones Series 2 Auld Ones – Tommy’s Liver Aul Ones series 2: Ready, Steady, Coddle!