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Concept of Wrovok male in profile.

Inspired by game Utopia Kingdoms, this ogre is based on their vector image and I changed the outfit to red to brighten it up a bit. Liked the original image and decided to do a quick painting with MyPaint (free opensource painting software). Cute little fella’ isn’t he? 🙂 I’ve been playing this game […]

Hi all, below is a finished piece of my Alien Marine portrait. I got some feedback and critic about bringing the original painting to a more polished finish and this is the result. Working mostly solo and without feedback, it can be difficult for an artist to be objective about their own work. Getting a […]

Concept Art #1

Posted: 3rd February 2011 by Peter in artwork
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Alien Marine concept art, titled ‘portrait of the alien as a young man’ 🙂 Click image to see full size.

Alien Marine – Character Dev#4

Posted: 3rd February 2011 by Peter in artwork
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More design work on Alien Marine character. As mentioned in a previous post I decided to make him more lizard. I would certainly benefit from having an art director on my case and also having a world for the character to exist in. But this work is for my own purposes (portfolio work) and I’m […]

Gone Fishing – Sci-fi Art

Posted: 22nd January 2011 by Peter in artwork
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Fantasy/sci-fi image created in PhotoShop just for fun.

Fan Art

Posted: 7th December 2010 by Peter in artwork
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Gears Of War inspired fan art but taking a different slant and style. Made in PhotoShop using some graphics found on the web.  Just for fun.