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Character Designs

Posted: 30th March 2011 by Peter in Animation
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Character designs I did some time back for a short flash animated cartoon called Seanachaí, Stroyteller Of Ireland. This played at Darklight and one other film festival in Dublin (can’t recall the name of it!) and got lots of laughs. Character head design that was to be used in a future episode that never got […]

Welll I was able to land that concept artist position on an indie game. I’m quite excited about this as the team of 45 are all very focued and dedicated to getting this game together. Part of my task is to design characters, draw ortho pose (front, side, back) of each with great detail for […]

Alien Marine – Character Dev#4

Posted: 3rd February 2011 by Peter in artwork
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More design work on Alien Marine character. As mentioned in a previous post I decided to make him more lizard. I would certainly benefit from having an art director on my case and also having a world for the character to exist in. But this work is for my own purposes (portfolio work) and I’m […]

More development of the Alien Character, head and armour detail. Up to this point it’s been pretty much a humanoid, but having reviewed these sketches I decided to make him more reptilian in nature. I did a quick sketch of a lizard type (bottom of page) character that maybe I’ll combine with some of the […]

Further sketch work on the Alien Marine. Pencil images scanned from sketchbook.