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Auld Ones 1 and 2 was broadcast on RTE Network 2, with both series run several times. Here’s some samples of Auld Ones: Auld Ones Clips Auld Ones Series 2 Auld Ones – Tommy’s Liver Aul Ones series 2: Ready, Steady, Coddle!

Character Designs

Posted: 30th March 2011 by Peter in Animation
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Character designs I did some time back for a short flash animated cartoon called Seanachaí, Stroyteller Of Ireland. This played at Darklight and one other film festival in Dublin (can’t recall the name of it!) and got lots of laughs. Character head design that was to be used in a future episode that never got […]

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Okay, this is an old walk-cycle but I wanted to include it because I’m working on new 3d animations but I need something in the site now on the off chance someone is thinking of hiring me and needs to see a sample. This is just a basic character made with boxes, rigged and animated. […]

Cordell Barker – The Cat Came Back [1988] This is a fantastic short film animated by Cordell Barker. He doesn’t miss one opportunity to maximize the laughs and the pace and soundtrack are spot on. Very funny and so well done. Enjoy. (Awards details here) The Cat Came Back

“Made in 1975 by genius Russian animation director Yuri Norstein.Multilayer technology used to create a fog,it is an actual smoke blown in between class frames.” This is a stunning film! I’m not really sure what to make of it to be honest. There’s something dark and primeval about it that makes me feel uncomfortable watching […]


Posted: 24th February 2010 by Peter in Animation
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I always enjoy hearing and see how other people came up with their concepts and how the approach their work. Canadian animator Cordell Barker (The Cat Came Back) talks briefly about his latest production ‘Runaway’. Check out his site to find out more here: Making Of RUNAWAY, Cordell Barker

If you’ve studied animation at all it’s likely you came across Richard Williams name at some point. The Little Island is far from the classical animation Williams later produced. That’s not a criticism and it does not take away from this timeless production. I love the character design and the simplicity of the animation. “The […]

This is a lot of fun, again good simple concept and nicely done. It also gave me a few ideas for decorating my kids room :). BlastOff! [youtube=]

Hello animation world!

Posted: 23rd February 2010 by Peter in Animation

Will add interesting short animations from around the web to this site soon.