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Posted: 2nd October 2012 by Peter in Misc. Updates

What’s Going On With Me

I’ve been flat-out studying for the SCJA6 exam, so tonight I decided to put the books aside and do something different. So I installed the trial version of the latest Flash, and I’m just playing around with the ActionScript tutorials I found online. Adobe have introduced a subscription service for their products, so if you don’t have €800 to fork out for Flash, you can get it by the month for around €22. Pretty cool option to have, and a great business model for Adobe, well done.

Battle Pirate – My Current Social Gaming Squeeze

Sadly my favourite social game Utopia Kingdoms went the way of the Dodo, when Jolt Online went bust. I tried a couple of similar games but just didn’t enjoy them that much. I’m currently playing Battle Pirates via Facebook, and so far so good. Players can manage fleets of ships and build out their terrain, resources, weapons and defences. When you engage with an enemy fleet, you can join the battle and control the position of your ships as they do battle. Pretty simple stuff really, but a nice cut scene from the main stage perspective.

Andy Moore Indie Game Dev Guru

I came across Andy a couple of days ago on YouTube. He has an (almost) daily vlog, where he shares his experience about what it’s like to be an indie game developer. I like Andy’s open attitude to his work, and admire his  input into the indie game development community. After watching a dozen (or more) of his short video blogs and industry presentations, it’s clear Andy is a real leader in his community. Andy is the creator of many cool games developed in Flash, including the very addictive Steam Birds

Shout out to Andy here:

Local Programmers Unite!

I had the pleasure of hooking up with a pal this evening to discuss Java programming. He’s recently started studying Java as part of an Open University Degree course. While chatting with people online via email or perhaps forums is cool, nothing compares to sitting down and talking shop over a cup of coffee and a couple of Kinder Eggs (I got a jigsaw puzzle in mine! 🙂

Updates complete. Good luck.