MyPaint rocks!

Posted: 28th November 2010 by Peter in Web and ART Tools etc.etc.

MyPaintHow come I never heard of MyPaint before?

MyPaint is an open-source graphic software application freely available for all to download on a whim. This light weight application won’t demand too much from your PC’s storage but it certainly earns it’s place on any hard-drive.

I came across a mention of it in Dec 2010 edition of ImagineFX game arts mag (the coolest digital artist magazine, much better than Digital Arts IMO). Curious, I decide to try it out and it pleases me greatly. There is vertually no learning curve; just really nice brushes and effects to work with, an easy to use colour picker etc. Do download the Ramon2 brush pack zip file and import it to your brushes. Ramon2 is bursting with a wide variety of custom brushes that are a joy to use.

MyPaint, go get it right now at