GameCraftI’m extremely pleased to report that I have been accepted as the forth member of the BH games team for this years GameCraft || event (Dublin 17th November). This will be my first game jam and I’m really looking forward to meeting and building a game with my teammates and everyone else at the event.

So what is GameCraft?

Teams or individuals participating in the challenge will each be invited to build a game in 12 hours. The theme of the game will be revealed during breakfast at 9am, and it’s all hands to the pumps until 9pm that evening when judging will begin (click to see a list of judges on the official site here).

There will be about 80 participants attending, with a mix of disciplines including coders, digital artists, animators, multimedia and so on. Participants will have various levels of experience; some being seasoned game development professionals, and others complete newbies like myself.
Click to check out some photos on flickr from last years GameCraft.

Game Over And Everyone Wins!

The games will be judged on playability  and there are prizes of some sort for the winners. The way I see it, everyone wins, and I’m as excited about meeting the community as I am about building a game.

Roll on November 17th!

  1. yuri says:

    so how was your game jamming in dublin peter? 😉

    • RobotBash says:

      Hi Yuri, just got this comment, apologies for late response. Global Gamejam coming up this week actually, looking forward to it. If you are around for it give me a shout.