Love Hate

Posted: 29th May 2013 by Peter in artwork
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Just wanted to upload a couple of images I did for work (two versions of the same image). So I guess the process is something I want to talk about, as it’s a style I’ve been developing of late.

Love Hate

Once I’ve come up with a concept, I do a bit of online research and make a paper sketch to tease out the idea. When I’m happy the concept is good to go, I open MyPaint (free graphics software) and start blocking out the shape of the image with 100% black. This is very rough work, using a hard edged brush. Then I draw out four blocks of tones beside each other, ranging from black to light grey. These will be my palette for the work in MyPaint.

Using the second darkest tone I draw over the silhouette, leaving some black areas in place. Using the other tones I build the the image, layering lighter tones on top of dark. This is a really enjoyable way to create artwork btw, seeing the image progress with each tone. At the moment I’m just using two brushes and the eraser for these paintings, ramon/Marker for hard edges and fills, ramon/Round for soft edges and blends.

When I’m satisified the image has progressed to a point where finer details are required, I export it to a transparent .PNG and open it in Photoshop. I use mostly the Dodge and Burn tools in Photoshop to develop the tones, as well as adjusting images with Levels and Hue/Saturation. To round off and clean edges I use the Lasso and Marquee tools. I then duplicate the graphic to a new layer and try some Art filters on it. Generally I reduce the opacity of the filtered layer, allowing the original image to show below it. This reduces the extremity of the filter and gives me more control of the the finished image.

Love Hate too

A lot of the images I’ve worked on with this process are monotone, which just happens to suit the style of the web pages I’m making them for. If adding colour, I’d probably export each individual layer from MyPaint as a transparent .PNG, and bring them all in as layers into Photoshop for further work. I’d like to do some portraits to further explore this technique. While the graphic says “Love Hate”, it’s really “Love Love” for the process.