I’m SCJA 6 Certified!

Posted: 14th October 2012 by Peter in Java
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javadukelogoI’m currently house bound with a particularly nasty case of the dreaded Man-Flu. Despite my suffering I’m feeling fairly pleased with myself.

I completed the Sun/Oracle Certified Java Associate 6 exam 11th Oct, and am pleased to report I passed with a 90% grade. There was no UML or ‘associations’ questions encountered by my classmates or I. I’m kicking myself for incorrectly answering a couple of tricky ‘applet’ related questions, but what is done is done.

Some Resources For Those Studying For SCJA 6

For those preparing for the exam, read…:

  • SCJA study guide is a must read
  • Also the Head First for associate.

For video tutorials check out…:

  • Mark Lassoff’s videos, particularly for Java Enterprise Edition
  • Bucky Roberts (thenewboston.org) for Java programming beginners videos.
  • There are also some excellent Lynda.com videos if you don’t mind paying for the monthly subscription.
For mock exams you should consider the following:
  • uCertify – sign up and get a few free questions
  • MeasureUp are also worth a look.
  • Check out KnowledgeBlackBelt.com for free online tests (they are generally tougher than SCJA 6 exam questions but good for practice and study guide reference).
  • The SCJA Study Guide includes a disk of questions and a free download for many more.
Take note regarding online mock-exam question services like measureUp. Many present questions that a just outside the scope of SCJA 6, which you’ll find difficult to answer.

Near Future…

As of now I am studying for SCJP 6 exam which I will take sometime in December or early January. Studying for Java Associate is an excellent introduction to object orientated programming, and to the Java Enterprise Edition, but actual programming is not the main focus of Java Associate. My goal with SCJP is to lock-down my programming skills and identify the enterprise area I’d like to specialise in for the next year or two, i.e. JSP developer or database tier etc.

All of the above depends on my surviving the Man-Flu of course, fingers crossed.

Onward and upwards!