Ireland is enjoying a growth spurt in it’s game industry with companies like Riot setting up here, and Popcap Games and Havok expanding it’s workforce in Dublin. Add to that the recently launched DIT Masters in Digital Games course being backed by the likes of Peter Molyneux, Creative Director of European studios at Microsoft Games Studios, and Peter Connolly, Executive Producer of Crackdown 2 for the Xbox 360 at Microsoft Games Studios.

There are also many new indigenous games companies dotted in enterprise centres around the country, with up to 60 of them labelled as ‘high-profile’ start-ups by Enterprise Ireland (Check out what Minister Batt O’Keeffe has to say here).

Well, all in all the future looks bright for the games industry in Ireland, with already 1500 people employed in the the industry. But what about the indie games industry in Ireland? If you’re busy planning your digital game masterpiece but don’t know how to bring it to life, or if you are already developing on XNA, or with Game Maker or C Sharp or whatever, I want to hear from you.

Contact RobotBash about an Indie game you are developing¬† (or about to launch). Or get in touch about a game you are planning and what you need to make it happen, and we’ll see if we can hook up a skill-set to match.

Irish Indie Game Developers…

Listen to this podcast (XNA DEV CHAT PODCAST) you’ll love it. Interview with the makers of kids game Kissy Poo, a massive hit on Xbox 360. Informative and inspiring.