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The images below are screengrabs of a 2D game demo I’ve been tipping away at in GameCarver. The artwork was created in Blender, and final touches and sprites created in Photoshop.

The interface features as much as the artwork in these promo images. I revamped GameCarvers’ original interface to make it more slick and user friendly. It’s designed to quietly compliment the game developers own work, so that it does not distract from the project game art and effects. It provides a work environment that is visually appealing, and contributes to a creative workflow.

Obviously I’ve used the GameCarver interface a lot, and after a short time I found it intuitive and easy to use. When creating this demo, I jumped between Blender for 3D work, to Photoshop for 2D finishing and exports, and into GameCarver for import and skinning of game actors. The workflow blended nicely between the three software packages, and I got to focus on getting the visuals, and game play right without touching a line of code. All in all, it was just a whole lot of fun, and these screengrabs are among my favourite work produced in a long time. Hope you like…




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