Dragon Sketches

Posted: 28th November 2010 by Peter in artwork

These are concept sketches I did prior to creating a finished dragon image posted to Deviant Art. You can see the stages of development where I worked through a few ideas and details.

So I decided I wanted to work on a dragon, can’t recall why, perhaps because I was reading about the Japanese game Dragon Hunter (I think that’s the name anyway…). Started with a dragon head…

…next I worked on some poses…

dragon head
…in this image I worked on the dragon head, trying to make the design more solid with a 3-dimensional feel, kind of like a wire-frame. At this stage I hadn’t decided whether to create the final piece in graphics software or 3D Blender…

dragon 4
…next I made a full body sketch and like the use of space, the flow to the image. Using this sketch and some of the details of the head as reference I started working up the image from just blocks of colour in to a finished piece below.

dragon 5