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“My Card”

Posted: 18th November 2012 by Peter in Misc. Updates

Check out my new business card (mostly for distribution amongst my peers :)). I ordered these online and received them in the post about a week later. Including postage and packing, 250 of these ‘bad boys’ cost only €15. The card is full colour on one side, and blank on the other. This suits me […]

  OCJP Collections Frameworks… Currently studying Collections Frameworks in OCJP 6 course. I’ll be honest, some of it is tough going but the mist is starting to clear. I can see the power and usefulness of Sets, Lists and Maps, so I’m pretty excited about getting to grips with this material. Regarding Job Prospects… I’ve […]

Study, Games, People

Posted: 2nd October 2012 by Peter in Misc. Updates

What’s Going On With Me I’ve been flat-out studying for the SCJA6 exam, so tonight I decided to put the books aside and do something different. So I installed the trial version of the latest Flash, and I’m just playing around with the ActionScript tutorials I found online. Adobe have introduced a subscription service for their products, […]

Hello World!!!

Posted: 22nd May 2012 by Peter in Misc. Updates
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It’s been a while since I touched base here, and this is just a quick note to update my readers (hi Mom and Dad) about my current activities. I’m currently studying full time Java Programmer Associate course. Loving the loops and switch case and all the other wonderful code stuff. I will be updating my site […]