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Support Is Here

Posted: 29th May 2013 by Peter in artwork

One more graphic I created for work that I wanted to share. This is the support (like IT support for the website). Typically these support are clean vector images of faceless, usually brown-haired cartoon characters with a headphone on, yuk. Well in true GameCarver style, I decided to have a bit of fun. My only […]

Love Hate

Posted: 29th May 2013 by Peter in artwork
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Just wanted to upload a couple of images I did for work (two versions of the same image). So I guess the process is something I want to talk about, as it’s a style I’ve been developing of late. Once I’ve come up with a concept, I do a bit of online research and make […]

Inspired to pick up the stylus pen after months of programming studies, I made this sci-fi digital painting for fun. Click the image to enlarge.

Falling Angel 1

Posted: 1st March 2012 by Peter in artwork

This is a detail preview of a digital painting I’m workinig on between freelance work. Really enjoying this process, and still have a ways to go before this sees the inards of Photoshop!

Druss The Legend

Posted: 28th February 2012 by Peter in artwork
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I’ve read a lot of David Gemmell fantasy novels, and this image was inspired by his famous character Druss The Legend, an axe wielding headcase with a heart of gold. It’s been in the works for a while, but since I’ve been doing a lot of Flash stuff recently, I thought I’d have a run […]

Digital Paintings…

Posted: 20th December 2011 by Peter in artwork
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Two very different themes in the pictures below. The top one is influenced by an artist known as Mr.–Jack, whom I very much admire. I wanted to get a grasp of his technique, and to do this I used a very similar subject to one of his images and tried to recreate certain elements. I […]

More GOE Base Concepts

Posted: 4th April 2011 by Peter in artwork
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Hi, been very busy the past few days and haven’t posted in a while, so I’m uploading some work from my sketchbook done for Gates of Eternity. Basically humanoid, these first-pass concept sketches were required for one of the races in the game.

Concept of Wrovok male in profile.

GOE Wrovok Character Design

Posted: 21st March 2011 by Peter in artwork

Some concept character design for indie game I’m work on called Gates Of Eternity for Earthwave Studios. All work copyright of Earthwave Studios.

Inspired by game Utopia Kingdoms, this ogre is based on their vector image and I changed the outfit to red to brighten it up a bit. Liked the original image and decided to do a quick painting with MyPaint (free opensource painting software). Cute little fella’ isn’t he? 🙂 I’ve been playing this game […]