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Exploring bones a little more in this Flash animation, in the arms and legs. As you can clearly see, there is a hole appearing behind the knee joint in the legs, and a small section above the foot. Arms also have a few odd shapes on the bend. It’s a pity Flash bones does not […]

I made the short movie below when exploring Flash CS5 Bones tool. I found it interesting enough, but it still has many limitations that will no doubt be ironed out in future versions of Flash. [swfobj src=”” width=”610px” height=”343 px”]flash bones animation example[/swfobj] It would be nice to be able to create a bones applied […]

Check out my new animation showreel! It includes new and old animation work combined in all their splendor. My commercial to date work includes two Flash animated series for RTE, movies for film festivals, lots of short movies for various clients, tons of illustrations for both print and digital format, and some audio mixing. I’m […]

Animation From My Archives

Posted: 8th February 2012 by Peter in Animation

The following are a couple of Flash animated movies I did over the years for a project called Working Things Out, for the Mater Hospital. The budgets were¬† pretty small, and the deadlines were tight, as a result the animation is limited. However I like to think the direction helped to keep them interesting. They […]

New Animation

Posted: 20th January 2012 by Peter in Animation
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Here’s a couple of scenes I animated to show animation companies that I know my stuff. I mixed the sound track myself with ‘fruity loops’ sound collection, edited in SoundFordge and Vegas. Animation done with Flash. I did upload a YouTube version of this but the compression took away from the line quality so decided […]

To continue on with the showreel animation I mentioned in the previous post, here’s the symbol breakdown of the character I designed. The animation is to be limited so I kept the symbols to the minimum. Check this out and if you’re hiring get in touch at

Character Sheet

Posted: 11th January 2012 by Peter in Animation

I’m working on an animation showreel at the moment and wanted create a few new pieces to mix in with commercial work. There’s not much call for animation in the region I’m in so don’t have much recenty commercial work. Old work includes a couple of flash animated series I worked on for RTE, a […]

Auld Ones 1 and 2 was broadcast on RTE Network 2, with both series run several times. Here’s some samples of Auld Ones: Auld Ones Clips Auld Ones Series 2 Auld Ones – Tommy’s Liver Aul Ones series 2: Ready, Steady, Coddle!

Character Designs

Posted: 30th March 2011 by Peter in Animation
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Character designs I did some time back for a short flash animated cartoon called Seanacha√≠, Stroyteller Of Ireland. This played at Darklight and one other film festival in Dublin (can’t recall the name of it!) and got lots of laughs. Character head design that was to be used in a future episode that never got […]

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Okay, this is an old walk-cycle but I wanted to include it because I’m working on new 3d animations but I need something in the site now on the off chance someone is thinking of hiring me and needs to see a sample. This is just a basic character made with boxes, rigged and animated. […]