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…or rather, “don’t blink!”.

Hands up, I’m guilty of totally neglecting this blog, sorry RobotBash. Before you shoot, I can explain…but first;

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Game Dev

Anyhow, I finally landed a job in the games industry with a company called Zoodazzle. We make a game authoring software called GameCarver, and I have been eating, breathing and dreaming that software for the past 4 months. This suits my personality, and it’s easy to do when I believe in the product.

It’s been an exciting 4 months, my tasks have included corp branding, rejigging the existing website (CSS and content), video, print design for business cards, pop-up banners, t-shirts, posters, and flyers. Concept artwork and logo design, community management, software UI design, and most exciting of all, graphics for several game demos (This is where the rubber certainly meets the road!)

Having been a contractor most of my career, it’s been quite some time since I’ve truly worked in a team environment. In that regard I couldn’t have hoped for better, Zoodazzler’s are da BOMB!

cargamecarverA Moving Story…

No, I’m not going to tell you a tear jerker story that’ll have you weeping. We’re (my family) moving to Dublin within the next month or so. I’d like to say the weekly 420 mile round commute to Kerry has been fun, but I’d be lying. At least I had Cormac Battle’s 2FM BattleAxe tunes to keep me company part of the way every Sunday… I won’t disclose the exact location of our new homestead, but let’s just say it ticks all the boxes for our little family. Looking forward to finally settling in.

Back To The Games Scene


The indie games scene is really vibrant in Dublin, and I’ve enjoyed a couple of game jams and some industry events since commencing work with Zoodazzle. I’ve been involved in creative concepts and development all of my career, but I think the indie games industry is the most creative I’ve encountered. The variety of skills from coding to audio are covered, and seeing how people with different communication styles and disciplines can work together and respect each others ideas and work methodologies is very encouraging. This is a young industry, and every game dev potentially can contribute something new regarding work methods and concepts.


I’d love to connect with game developers (aspiring or veterans) and artists/illustrators; people who might actually like to meet in person from time-to-time, and have a passion for what they do.

Connect with me at the following and PM me to say hi!


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