Bad Boy Bot

Posted: 18th January 2011 by Peter in artwork
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This is a coloured version of the sketch of a robot type of thing I uploaded yesterday. Coloured in MyPaint, and influenced by the game Vanquish and art and artists from around the web and magazines. I used this image to familiarise myself with MyPaint and I’m pretty damn impressed with it’s simple easy to use tools. Looking forward to churning out more painted images with this software.

Bad Boy Bot - MyPaint Picture

The ‘Bad Boy’ robot is kinda’ based on the enemy robots in Vanquish. Though admittedly, not as streamlined as those designs, I took the basic shapes from the head and upper body armour and just integrated it into a design based around a strong gesture. The background came last but I had a good idea that I wanted a sort of abstract collection of colours that would help highlight the characters stance. The broken wall and buildings in the background happened organically out of the process of playing with the brush set and trying to create some narrative around the character.

I’m pretty pleased with the finished image and get such kick out of working on concept art that I wonder if that is the route I should pursue for the games industry? Only time will tell! Hope you like it.

P.s. Click this image to see a larger version!