Game Maker Makes Making Games Easy

Posted: 2nd November 2012 by Peter in Irish Games Industry News

Click This Image To Download The Game.

In preparation for the GameCraft event, I thought it sensible to familiarize myself with Game Maker(Lite). The software is often used to quickly create game demos, as well as ‘polished’ finished games.

While every bone in my body wants to build and code a game from scratch, I decided it best to use the beginners tutorials available online at These tutorials will give me a sound understanding of the platform, and a couple of games to show in my portfolio, so how bad? Once I have a grip on the software, I’ll create my own games from scratch, using the advanced feature to code behaviours and events.

Simple Game To Start With

The game attached to this post is an exe file, click on either of the images in the post to download it. The challenge is simple, click on the clown heads and watch your score increase (at the top left of the window). The clowns will randomly change direction, bounce of the wall, and speed up each time you click on them. All the action is set on a simple stage, called a ‘room’ in Game Maker, and there are several sound effects to add a little spice to proceedings.

The images and sound files, with complete step-by-step instructions are available at the page linked to above. Just download the tutorial to your PC and get cracking. 

Click The Image To Download The Game:

Click This Image To Download The Game.

Game Maker The Verdict…

I’m impressed with the ease of use, and speed of development.  The stand-alone .exe file is just under 4MB (which I think is a little heavy compared to Flash stand-alone files I created in the past). However, I haven’t looked into compression options for publishing yet, so perhaps that size could be reduced. The free version carries a watermark which I can live with for now, though I’ll probably purchase the standard edition eventually which is about $50. Thanks to the author of the tutorial, Mark Overmars for sharing his knowledge!