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We’re studying try-catch-finally exception handling at the moment, this is my solution from the Exercise 5-4, page 377 of SCJP 6 Study Guide (Sierra & Bates). I also used reference from this website section 1.9. I wrote the code in Notepad++ and compiled and ran it in Windows command-line. Exception Gets Handled! A String array […]

I’m extremely pleased to report that I have been accepted as the forth member of the BH games team for this years GameCraft || event (Dublin 17th November). This will be my first game jam and I’m really looking forward to meeting and building a game with my teammates and everyone else at the event. […]

Just a quick update to report that I have earned my Java OO Fundementals Yellow Belt. Passing this exam, combined with my SCJA 6 qualification means I now officially know enough Java to work with IT companies. Add to that my digital multimedia, animation, and training qualifications, plus years of work experience and problem […]

I may actually have time to do some coding, now that I’m a Java Associate (see last post) and the intense studying has ended for a while. To kick things off I decided to go back to some of the early tutorials our class studied in the first month or so of the SCJA 6 […]

I’m SCJA 6 Certified!

Posted: 14th October 2012 by Peter in Java
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I’m currently house bound with a particularly nasty case of the dreaded Man-Flu. Despite my suffering I’m feeling fairly pleased with myself. I completed the Sun/Oracle Certified Java Associate 6 exam 11th Oct, and am pleased to report I passed with a 90% grade. There was no UML or ‘associations’ questions encountered by my classmates […]

The following code draws basic shapes, colours them and positions them on the stage. Similar to using Java Swing, when you create a new GUI element, it must be added. Compared to Java, the variable declaration is looser than Java which requires the programmer to declare the data type for a variable (int, long, char etc). ActionScript3, like JavaScript, declares variables […]

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Posted: 2nd October 2012 by Peter in Misc. Updates

What’s Going On With Me I’ve been flat-out studying for the SCJA6 exam, so tonight I decided to put the books aside and do something different. So I installed the trial version of the latest Flash, and I’m just playing around with the ActionScript tutorials I found online. Adobe have introduced a subscription service for their products, […]