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Have you ever wanted to know how to read content from a text file using Java, but you were to embarrassed to ask? Follow these steps pilgrim (I’m assuming your using an IDE like NetBeans or Eclipse…): Create a new project folder. Create a package, call it readfromfile (all lowercase please). Create a new class […]

I’m new to Java’s Swing and I’m exploring it’s capabilities through NetBeans.  I’m experimenting with both hard coding and using the ‘Swing Gui Forms’ >> JFrame Form. In this post I’ll outline two ways of making your JFrame full screen, one for NetBeans JFrame Form, and the other for those hand coding their JFrame from […]

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The Java Associate course is fantastic, and I’m getting my head around OO programming at last. We have completed two team projects to date, Hangman Gui, and Towers of Hanoi. This post is about the Tower project, my involvement, experience and review of the project and processes. To start with, below is the project requirements. […]