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Auld Ones 1 and 2 was broadcast on RTE Network 2, with both series run several times. Here’s some samples of Auld Ones: Auld Ones Clips Auld Ones Series 2 Auld Ones – Tommy’s Liver Aul Ones series 2: Ready, Steady, Coddle!

Character Designs

Posted: 30th March 2011 by Peter in Animation
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Character designs I did some time back for a short flash animated cartoon called SeanachaĆ­, Stroyteller Of Ireland. This played at Darklight and one other film festival in Dublin (can’t recall the name of it!) and got lots of laughs. Character head design that was to be used in a future episode that never got […]

Concept of Wrovok male in profile.

GOE Wrovok Character Design

Posted: 21st March 2011 by Peter in artwork

Some concept character design for indie game I’m work on called Gates Of Eternity for Earthwave Studios. All work copyright of Earthwave Studios.

Inspired by game Utopia Kingdoms, this ogre is based on their vector image and I changed the outfit to red to brighten it up a bit. Liked the original image and decided to do a quick painting with MyPaint (free opensource painting software). Cute little fella’ isn’t he? šŸ™‚ I’ve been playing this game […]