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Ireland is enjoying a growth spurt in it’s game industry with companies like Riot setting up here, and Popcap Games and Havok expanding it’s workforce in Dublin. Add to that the recently launched DIT Masters in Digital Games course being backed by the likes of Peter Molyneux, Creative Director of European studios at Microsoft Games […]

Informative perspective on the digital games and how they impact our lives. Particularly interesting is the connection between play and education. “Computer games are a global phenomenon and a $25 billion a year industry. Over 800 million people worldwide are regular players. Gamer Revolution looks past the hype, paranoia and hoopla to explore the real […]

This documentary provides an informative overview of the history of digital games. “A breakthrough documentary on the multi-billion dollar games industry & the pioneers behind the blips on the screen. Decades later it’s all gone extreme! Go beyond the pixels and behind the scenes for the true story about video games. Hosted by Tony Hawk, […]